Smoothies as a healthy alternative


Kristen Phillips


Thirst quenching, palate satisfying, healthy concoction, portable blend: The delicious beverage popularly known as the smoothie is commonly recognized for its sweetness and fresh fruit flavor.

These drinks can be easily accessible at home or on the go. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are versatile drinks that can provide nutritional benefits.

An adequate blender is the first step in creating your fruit blend. A high-powered blender is ideal, however basic blenders can produce similar results in creating a healthier you.

The next step is adding your ingredients, starting with various fruits (and vegetables if you feel daring). Any type of fruit or vegetable will work: whole, chopped, frozen, fresh.

Creating a smoothie is like a form of art; you can be as creative as you wish. Smoothies involve color, texture, and intrigue. As you frequently make them, they also begin to involve pattern.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also integrate yogurt, juice or milk to boost the flavor and consistency of the drink. Smoothies have the versatility to be enjoyed any time of the day whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Natural fruit smoothies provide additional vitamins and antioxidants. They strengthen the immune system and help you to meet your daily nutritional needs.

Instead of grabbing a highly processed and packaged snack full of calories and unnecessary fats, grab your blender and create a drink that will satisfy your nutritional needs.

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Smoothies as a healthy alternative

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