The guy in student programs…

Sear Sophie

Dear Sophie,

I have a huge crush on this cute guy in Student Programs! I want to find out if he likes me back. How do I find out if he likes me without freaking him out?

—Shy chick

Dear Shy chick,

Good taste in boys! The guys in Student Program seem to be very nice and respectful. Having said that, I don’t believe that this boy would ever freak out for having a girl like him. Go to the student events. The Student Programs representatives are usually there. Strike up a conversation with him. Ask him if he was involved in the planning of the event and then tell him how much you are enjoying it.

Find something that you guys can relate to. Plan a hang out session with friends and invite him to come along. Don’t be shy; guys like girls who are confident.

The Student Programs representatives were chosen after an interview and elections, which shows that they know how to deal with all situations appropriately. They want all students to feel welcome. I don’t think you should be shy at all but rather comfortable with this boy.

Warmest regards,


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The guy in student programs…

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