What to do when you have a work place crush

Sear Sophie

Dear Sophie,

I really like this girl I work with. I want to ask her out, but I am scared to be rejected. She is always friendly to me, but I just can’t tell if she likes me back. What should I do?

—nervous college guy

Dear nervous college guy,

If you really like this girl, you shouldn’t miss the chance to ask her on a date. If she isn’t interested, then it sounds like she will be nice about it. Wouldn’t you rather have asked and been rejected than to have waited around for a girl who doesn’t like you? If she is as friendly as you say, then she shouldn’t reject you right away. After you go on that first date with her, she’ll have had the opportunity to see how amazing you are. Then ask her out officially. Don’t be so nervous because by the end of this, you’ll either have a girlfriend who you really enjoy spending time with or life will move on and you will find someone else. You can do this.

Warmest wishes,


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What to do when you have a work place crush

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