Spring computer cleaning

Spring cleaning can be a great way to get your house and life organized, but don’t forget to include your computer in the process. Many people neglect to regularly tune up their computer and over a long period of time that can adversely affect performance and hard drive space. This guide is for Windows users, though most of the tips here can be applied to Macs and Linux users as well.

My Documents is a great place to keep your important files stored but after a while it’s bound to get messy. Take just a couple minutes to go through your documents and sort out what you need and don’t need. While you’re at it, clear out your downloads and uninstall unneeded programs. Taking steps to de-clutter your computer can free up some much needed space in your computer. This also includes emptying your recycle bin. Oftentimes you can have a recycle bin with several gigabytes just waiting to be emptied.

Next time you’re on your computer, open up My Computer, right click on your C drive and hit properties. From here click on a tab called tools. There should be a program called disk defragmenter. Running disk defragmenter every once in a while is a great idea to keep your computer fresh. It’s simple to launch and all you have to do is give it time to run its course. If you haven’t run disk defragmenter in a long time, or at all, then be sure to set aside a couple hours where your computer can remain powered and undisturbed while the program operates.

Another way to free up some space in your computer is to once again open up My Computer, right click on the C drive and hit properties. At the bottom of the opened up window should be something that says Disk Cleanup. You’ll want to click this. The program will then suggest several places where you can free up some memory for your computer. Sometimes it’ll find 20mb to clean up and sometimes it’ll find 20 GB to clean up. Regardless, this is one of the easiest ways to clean up your computer and it can’t hurt at all to check how much space you can free up.

Following these simple steps will help you clear up a lot of space and tune up your computer. Take a couple minutes out of your day just once this year and your computer will return the favor by freeing up more space and giving better performance.

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Spring computer cleaning

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