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2018-2019 Staff

Steven Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez returns to the Puyallup Post as the Editor-in-Chief for 2018-19. Gonzalez began as a reporter in early 2018 where he worked on opinion pieces, community and campus news, and film reviews on the Puyallup Post's podcast: Post Popcorn Picks. Gonzalez is currently wrapping up his AA as he prepares to transfer to a 4-year university; if only he could decide on which one to go to. Regardless of the university, Gonzalez will be content anywhere he gets to put pen to paper. With writing having been his passion since age 12, Gonzalez has crafted an array of works and has even done freelance work for a couple of travel blogs. Gonzalez loves trying new things and frequently escapes his apartment to go on a hike or tackle an escape room. When he's not spending his time at the college's news room, Gonzalez can be found escaping into a good book or video game, or singing karaoke anywhere a song is playing.

Maddie Ashcraft
Managing Editor

Maddie Ashcraft rejoins the Post as the Managing Editor for 2018-2019, having begun as a photographer and reporter during Winter Quarter of 2018. Ashcraft specialized in event photography, reviews and news features, and looks forward to expanding her knowledge of investigative journalism and design layout this year. Ashcraft hopes the Post will foster community for Pierce students this year, along with greater access to information. Ashcraft will graduate in 2019, and while she has yet to choose her transfer school, she plans to major in Business Management and Global Studies. Ashcraft plans to use her skills for international non-profit administration. On a typical day, Ashcraft can be found with a camera in her hands or completing an endless amount of “to dos” for the Post. When she’s not in the office, Ashcraft enjoys hiking, calling long-distance friends and finding hole-in-the-wall coffee shops.

Seo Kim
Graphic Design Manager

Seo Kim has joined the Post as the Graphic Design Manager. Kim has experience in designing graphics, logos, posters, and shirt/hoodie designs. Kim is a running start student, a senior in her last year at Pierce. During the school year, Kim can usually be found in the library doing homework or in the commons playing Tetris on her laptop. When not at school, Kim loves to play soccer, take photos, make videos, binge watch The Office, and eat lots of good food.

Paige Proctor
Office Manager

Paige Proctor is serving as Officer Manager for the 2018-19 school year; her first year working for the Post. Proctor is working on her final year at Pierce as she finishes up her Associates of Business degree, then plans on transferring to a four year university as her next step. At university, she plans on studying business administration and eventually wants to have a career in non-profit work. Being involved is Proctors specialty. When Proctor is not busy at work in the newsroom, she volunteers frequently, works at a gym, serves as a DECA president, and is an avid tennis player. In her limited free time, she can be found taking in the moment. Whether it be chasing sunsets, chilling in her hammock, hiking or spending time out in her kayak, Proctor is always trying to enjoy the views Washington has to offer.

Eleise Ashley
Senior Reporter

Eleise Ashley is returning to the Puyallup Post as a Senior Reporter for the 2018-2019 year. Ashley is a first generation college student who started reporting for the Puyallup Post in early 2018, her second year at Pierce.  Now she is in her third and last year at Pierce, Ashley hopes to provide high quality news for her readers and help her fellow reporters in anyway she can. When she is not in class or writing for the newspaper, she can be found reading a book off her ever-growing "must read" list or watching Netflix.

Samantha Allred

Samantha Allred is coming into Pierce College in the 2018-19 year as a recently acquired reporter for The Puyallup Post. Allred is a Running Start student and is determined to gain her AA degree. As soon as she’s finished, Allred is planning to transfer to BYU, a 4-year university in Utah. She is currently pursuing her deep affection for writing and music. Allred works as a pianist at two restaurants and loves every second of it. She's most known to have either a piano or a pen close by, playing or writing her heart out.

Dawn Hammer

Dawn Hammer – Pierce College student, Writing Center tutor, and now reporter for the Puyallup Post – loves language, whether in written or spoken form. Although she has been a writer all of her life, this is her first foray into having her words published. As an avid pursuer of information, and with an unshakeable belief in the twin virtues of truth and justice, Dawn plans on transferring to the University of Washington, Tacoma, with a goal of majoring in both Communications and Law and Policy. Outside of Pierce, she spends her time hiking, backpacking, climbing and snowshoeing the glorious ranges of the Cascade Mountains.

Kiara Anderson

Kiara Anderson joins the Puyallup Post for the 2018-19 school year as a photojournalist. Going into her second year at Pierce, Anderson plans to transfer to a 4-year university when she graduates with her AA and pursue a career in the field of medicine. Anderson’s interest started during her middle school photography class and continued to grow until she finally got her first DSLR camera as a Christmas gift. Since then, she has created her own personal Instagram, helping her find freelance jobs taking senior and family portraits. Anderson’s passion and dedication guided her to become the Post’s photographer. Besides her love of taking photos, Anderson enjoys spending her time making DIY crafts, painting, and reading. Don’t let her creative demeanor fool you though, Anderson loves playing soccer and is a major Sounders fan. If she doesn’t have her camera following the action, she can be found cheering on the team in her spirit gear.

Victor Filion

Victor Filion is the videographer of The Puyallup Post for the 2018-2019 school year. Filion is currently working on finishing his AA, and will transfer to a film school to pursue his passion in Filmmaking. Filion enjoys acting, directing, and writing; he hopes to become a popular filmmaker within the competitive industry. Filion sees a lot of films and makes it a goal to watch every movie in theaters. Filion works at a movie theater and tries to create as much content for his YouTube channel while balancing school and work.

Ash Polk-Wheelock
Graphic Designer

Ash Polk-Wheelock is a graphic designer at The Puyallup Post for the 2018-9 school year. Polk-Wheelock will be designing illustrations and graphics for the newspaper. Alongside work at The Puyallup Post, Polk-Wheelock is currently working on finishing his AA. Determined to follow his lifelong passion for the visual arts, Polk-Wheelock plans to transfer to a four-year where he will seek a degree in the arts field. Picking a degree has proven to be difficult, as Polk-Wheelock has a variety of creative interests: graphic design, illustration and digital arts. Aside from his career-related passions, Polk-Wheelock can be found lost in the newest album he has discovered, with his two cats, or playing a video game. Usually, he is identifiable by looking for bright yellow, as he often sports his favorite color prominently.

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