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2019-2020 Staff

Alec Jensen

Alec Jensen is proud to be the Editor-in-Chief of The Puyallup Post. In his free time, Alec enjoys wandering around bookstores and libraries, watching independent cinema, performing concerts for an audience of himself and spending time with his girlfriend, Madison. He enjoys cinema, writing, theater and music. Alec has often said he is at Pierce because of a slip up at the end of high school, but he now realizes that it is to find what it is he wants to do with his life. He is currently considering paths in journalism or education. He would like to teach English, history, social studies alongside being involved in the theater department. Alec feels lucky to be at Pierce, lucky for this opportunity to figure himself out. 

He thanks the readers, without you there is no reason for us to do this. 

Matthew Walker


Matthew Walker is a reporter at the Puyallup Post. He is 24 years-old and from Tacoma, WA. He graduated from Puyallup High School, a member of the class of 2014. He has many interests, including news/politics, writing and fitness.

Matthew became interested in attending Pierce College because of his interest in news and politics. He realized that he had a passion for these subjects, and that he wanted more from life than to continue with the career he was at the time pursuing. He began his college journey Spring Quarter of 2019, and has since been pursuing an Associates of Arts degree at Pierce College. His goal is to transfer to a 4-year university to obtain a Bachelor’s in Communications or Journalism.


Kathryn Scott

Kathryn Scott is one of the print reporters here at The Post.

This is her second year at Pierce and, although she doesn’t quite know what she’s doing or where she’s going after graduation, she’s determined to make the most of anything and have fun while doing it. She doesn’t like being on the sidelines, which is why she always tries to be as involved with any activity as much as possible. Kathryn has a strong desire to want to get things organized and completed. She loves walking, hiking, cleaning and challenging herself. Along with laughter, these are a type of therapy for her.

She firmly believes in teamwork with plenty of communication. Wherever these are lacking, she hopes to be able to provide. She classifies herself as an extroverted introvert (or an ambivert). Kathryn’s always ready for a challenge and enjoys getting to know new people. However, she’s got no problem just spending a quiet evening at home. 

Kathryn and her boyfriend are on the young adult leadership team for their parish. She’s grateful for the opportunities provided by both her parish and Pierce.

Troy Tooker
Senior Reporter

Troy Tooker is in his second year at pierce. He has been on the paper for more than a year and  holds the position of senior reporter. He is currently pursuing an AA and plans to pursue internships and jobs after this next summer quarter. He has wanted to work in the field of journalism since early high school and has had journalism experience preluding his work at the
post. Troy likes doing just about anything that doesn’t involve heights and spicy food. He cares most about his family and friends. He has an addiction to broccoli and cheddar bread bowls from
Panera. His biggest hobby is video games, and board games.

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Lauren Brammer

Lauren Brammer is a print reporter for the Puyallup Post. She is friendly and bubbly. This is her first year at Pierce college. She decided to go to the post as a learning experience with communications and experiencing different people and personalities. She enjoys helping people and providing for others.

Lauren has a side job involving catering. It can range from cakes in weddings and birthday cakes to making sides and main courses for events. She enjoys writing and rollerskating in her free time. She loves meeting new people and getting to know them.  

Mckenna Marshall

McKenna Marshall is 17 and a print reporter at The Post. She has lived in Puyallup most of her life. This will be her second year at Pierce, and she plans on transferring to a university shortly after she graduates to obtain a Bachelor’s in Communications or Journalism.


In her free time, she likes to play the Guitar or Ukulele. She grew up on video games and enjoys playing them whenever she can. She loves going out and having fun with friends or staying in and reading a book. She is in Running Start and hopes to graduate with both her Associates and Diploma in June.


Vic is a creative up and coming videographer. He has been apart of the post for two quarter and will be leading the Youtube channel. 

Charles Adams

 Charles Adams is a freshman at Pierce College and the photographer at The Puyallup Post. He is currently working towards his AA in hopes to transfer to a university later for a Bachler of Arts.

In his spare time, he like to play D&D with his brothers and play survivor-based video games like Minecraft and Don’t Starve. He also likes playing the piano and copying music by ear.

Justin Ginther
Online Reporter

Justin Ginther is a running start student from Emerald Ridge High School. He came to Pierce College in pursuit of his AA so he can get a head start in college. He also came because he felt it’d be a great opportunity for him to grow. Some of his hobbies or interests include drawing, painting, video games, theatre, and cars. Justin became particularly interested in cars when he started working on a 1987 Chevy Silverado with his dad.  Justin has also done one of the plays here at Pierce called “Cryptids in Love” and hopes to be in future plays.

Justin became interested in working for The Puyallup Post when he saw a hiring ad in the AAH. Working for the newspaper has provided Justin with countless new opportunities he is grateful for and he hopes he can bring great things not just to the newspaper but Pierce College as a whole.

Elissa Blankenship
Online Reporter

Elissa Blankenship is a full-time Running Start student at Pierce College Puyallup. She is working for The Puyallup Post as an Online Reporter. Her goals for the future are not set in stone, however she plans on graduating from Pierce College with her Associate of Arts degree. She aspires to be a writer and has voluntarily participated in the 4-H Dog Project program for eight years. Graduating high school in the class of 2020, she wants to gain a head start on her college education. 

She is an expert in equestrian endeavors and dog agility and obedience training. She is a hard-working individual​ who cares greatly about her current job and the people who surround her. She enjoys spending time with the people and animals who are most important to her. She likes to read fiction stories, write what comes to mind, watch television and venture outdoors to practice her photography skills.

Teresa Josten

We can be found in room C218 in the College Center Building, Pierce College Puyallup

1601 39th Avenue SE Puyallup, WA 98374