Stephanie Joy makes a science of having fun

Katie Lane


The college atmosphere is nothing like the comfortable days of high school. In college, the faces you see change as each quarter goes by. Finding a teacher that you can relate to and who understands your life as a struggling student is a rare blessing.

Stephanie Joy, biology instructor, is one such teacher. Mother of two and loving wife, Joy knows how to connect with each of her students and help them succeed in all the subjects she teaches.

“Teaching is the cream of the crop for me,” Joy said.

Joy worked her way through college with three jobs and graduated with a health education degree. Joy then went on to get her master’s degree in education.

She started working as a high school health teacher at Auburn Riverside High School. She learned there that her real calling was to teach science.

“I want to change the idea that science is scary or hard,” Joy said.

Although she’s passionate about teaching, Joy plans to continue enjoying life after she retires.

“I love exploring this world. I see myself going further with that when I retire. Start doing overnight backpacking with my husband or travelling around the world,” Joy said. “Family is the number one thing with me. We decided to put the Wonderland Trail on hold this year and do a two week camping trip hitting five national parks: Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountains, Arches and Canyonlands.”

Joy said that she and her family will be doing a lot of hiking and exploring while travelling this summer.

Joy says she keeps in contact with several of her past students. Some have even learned an interest in science that started with a class from Joy.

“I love taking classes from Mrs. Joy. She is fun, engaging and I learn a lot from her,” student Huxley Cross said.

“I think the most memorable moment is every time a student takes the time to say thank you. A lot of people these days don’t take the time to appreciate when others do something for them,” Joy said. “I think a simple thank you goes a long way today. It makes my day when a student take the time to appreciate what I have done.”


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Stephanie Joy makes a science of having fun

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