Student artwork on display

Evan Bedlion


The annual spring exhibition art show brought a big turnout and art from several students who wished to express themselves.

More than 15 pieces of art were on display in a room off the main entrance of the Arts and Allied Health building for people to see. The entrance had a table with free appetizers for the art exhibition onlookers.

Students were grateful for the chance to express their art to other people.

Students were only allowed to enter their art if they had previously taken an art class at the Puyallup campus. They submitted their work and the top pieces were chosen.

“It’s nice to show people our art and express ourselves through it,” student Caitlin Kramer said.

The first place contestant won the President’s Choice Award, which was a $300 prize. This award is the top honor and was selected by the president of the college. After purchasing the winning art, Pierce puts into a collection of past winners.

Angele Choate was the winner of this year’s president’s award. She started drawing at the age of two. Choate’s past is filled with many art classes that helped lead to this President’s Award.

“My mother who got tired of wiping down walls got me a sketch book and told me the only time I can use crayons is in the notebook,” Choate said.

She draws as a release for her emotions. It’s almost a therapy for her and she describes it as a great way to relieve stress.

“I see beauty in everything and it’s nice to capture that,” Choate said.

Choate spent lots of time on her art piece spending time in Downtown Tacoma studying the buildings and angles of the town.

“It actually was my first draft. I spent hours and hours on it and realized it was better than my other drafts, so I went back to it,” Choate said.

This is her first year at Pierce and she plans on going into medical technology or scientific illustration. Already having a degree in art, Choate knows she wants to go in that direction.

The art show also provided a first place winner and an honorable mention award. These two awards included a $50 gift card to a local art store.


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Student artwork on display

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