Students elect new reps

By Brian Bruns


Haley Henricksen and Marcee Davis II were selected as the new student representatives for the college after the Oct. 13-14 elections.

Henricksen, who competed against Jake Costa, is the new representative I—a position that supports evening students.

About 260 students—almost 9 percent of the population—voted in the representative elections.

Hendrickson has served as captain of her golf team, 4-H club president and treasurer, orchestra vice-president and is currently a spokesperson for The United Way.

“I am a leader,” Hendrickson said. “I can bring ideas to the student government to make a difference at Pierce College.”

During the campaign, Costa leaned on his natural ability to communicate and his passion of working with people as reasons why he should be elected.

“When you can do a job with a passion, it is always effective and efficient,” Costa said.

Davis, who ran against Michele Whipplle, is the new representative II—a position that support environmental concerns.

Davis cited change and taking on new challenges as why he ran for the position. He also felt that his ability to get different groups to communicate was a reason why he should be elected.

“Helping out others and seeking their input on situations to accomplish a greater goal is what I’m used to doing,” Davis said.

Whipplle talked about making the campus a cleaner, less wasteful place and believes the position will help her grow. She felt that her ability to be compassionate on a variety of issues was one reason why she would be a good choice for the position.

“I care about the needs and concerns of everyone on campus,” Whipplle said.

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Students elect new reps

by Brian Bruns time to read: 1 min