Students have a blast at Zapped, Tuned and Ready

Drew May


Students had a chance to escape their usual routine of classes in September when a laser tag dome was inflated near the Student Center.

Measuring 40 square feet it may have seemed small but it was the perfect size for tense laser tag action. Packed with tight corridors and little lighting, several students went back for rematches immediately after their first game.

Angel Flores, recreation coordinator of Student Programs, said “(Student Programs) wants students to feel more welcome and see Pierce as a home.” According to Flores, this was meant as a team building event and the one thing to kick off the new school year at Pierce College Puyallup.

Students faced off in games of five versus five with only five minutes to get the top score. The sharp sounds of lasers flying inside and the occasional scream of surprise as someone darted around the corner were more than enough to get the attention of several students walking by.

Many students thought that Laser Tag was the perfect thing to do in-between classes, including fellow student Marcee Davis who declared proudly “No tag is as great as laser tag.”

Although the laser tag event is over, Student Programs leaders are planning other events.

In the advice of student Andrew Schoengarth, “More people should go to (Student Program) events.”

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Students have a blast at Zapped, Tuned and Ready

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