Take a chance to breathe already

Drew May


I recently had the rare chance to take a week off from life. Let me tell you this, in that one week I have never felt more free and happy than I ever have before. I had a chance to stop the 18 hour work days and take an entire week to relax and think in peace. I came to an interesting conclusion; everyone would be a whole lot happier if they took just one week off.

I was lounging in a chair by a pool in Florida when I realized I didn’t have to worry about paperwork or story deadlines.

I literally had no worries for a whole week. Sure I had a million commitments to fulfill and extreme amounts of work waiting for me once I came back to the rainiest place on Earth, but it was all worth it just to have a week of nothing.

I woke up every morning right as the sun rose, not because I had to but because I wanted to. I traveled to all sorts of destinations because they interested me and not because there was work I needed to do there. Of course everyone has to work but it’s an incredible break for one’s sanity when they can do whatever they want without any obligations to adhere to.

Some might criticize me for taking an entire week off of college in the middle of classes. But being someone who doesn’t even really take breaks during weekends or after classes, it was absolutely necessary for me to recharge, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

Take my advice, get out of Washington for a week, go to your favorite place and just relax. It might end up that you miss important information and get a C on your next assignment or you miss a meeting, but between missing a meeting and being constantly stressed and miserable, it’s easily worth it to just take a chance to breathe.



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Take a chance to breathe already

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