Technology fees to provide iPads, Kindles next year

Genevieve Huard


Full-time students pay $35 each quarter in technology fees to maintain the Student Technology Fee Objective in order to maximize access to technology for students.

Next year, that money will purchase five iPad 3s and five Kindle Fires for students to check out from the Puyallup Campus library.

“Information comes in a variety of formats, and what is available electronically is rapidly expanding,” Kathy Swart, instructor and reference/instruction librarian, said. “The library is looking to add technologies in order to provide opportunities for students to have access to all types of information and explore a full range of ideas.”

Currently, two Kindle Keyboards are in the library on the Puyallup campus that are preloaded with math and science study books. They were funded by a grant from the Washington State Library last year.

“The grant was also intended to test the viability of this technology for libraries and to evaluate platform and devices,” Swart said. “Because these Kindles get used regularly and the feedback had been positive, the library faculty decided to explore how we could expand this program and acquire some devices that provide even more access to library resources.”

The existing Kindles can’t access the 26,000 e-books on the eBrary database, but the additional Kindle Fires and iPad 3s will enable students to do so.

Ten iPads were requested initially by the library, but the Technology Fee approved funding of the five iPads and five Kindle Fires instead. Swart said that iPad was chosen due to their popularity at other community colleges.

The library will also receive a scanner. Students can save money by using the scanner instead of the copier to make copies of reference materials or textbooks.

The study rooms in the library also will be fitted with similar technology to that found at the Fort Steilacoom library. This includes a large flat screen in each room with DVD with capability to hook up to laptops.

“Students can plug several laptops into one screen to share what’s been created on individual laptops, such as PowerPoint or graphic design projects,” Swart said.

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Technology fees to provide iPads, Kindles next year

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