The perks of studenthood

Russ Davis


A common occurrence for college students is the knowledge of their limited budget. Textbooks, food, gas, and the mere necessities of life can easily deplete the coffers of any student. However, are there upsides to being a student in market? Student discounts are available to those who know where to go.

First, student discounts are available at the first line of sight–––the business you’re dealing with may offer a discount on their own accord. Amazon, the online retail mecca, has a program called Amazon Prime. Through this program, college students from all over the country can qualify for discounts on various products available on Amazon, from school supplies and laptops to bedding and hygiene products.

Students who sign up for the program receive offers through e-mail. In addition, students are also eligible for free two-day shipping in the program.

Manufacturers also offer some relief to students, especially if they have a product that is in high demand among students. Microsoft is offering the Office 2010 package (which includes, among others, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) for $79.95. The same package sells for $150 on Microsoft’s website, as well as $125 (after discounts) on Amazon.

Other expensive student needs can be purchased at a deal to students. In 2009 and 2010, Apple Computer offered a rebate on all computers purchased by students for college. In addition, students also received a free iPod Touch with their purchase.

Other discounts come from third-party programs. Student Advantage sells a card for students to use at various outlets, including clothing stores, transportation outfits, online retailers, and other departments. Some of their clients include Foot Locker, Greyhound, and T-Mobile. All a student has to do is sign up for a card and activate it. For example, Student Advantage’s website advertises a 10% discount on all goods at Target for its members.

Similar programs may connect students with discounts for no fee. StudentRate offers codes and tips for getting rebates at local and national outfits. Getting these discounts could involve getting a code, or e-mailing the receipt to StudentRate’s offices to receive the rebate.

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The perks of studenthood

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