Thinking Green

Marie Lahar


Changing small things in your daily life can make a big impact for the environment. One of those changes can be as simple as replacing the classic black plastic bag with a biodegradable one.

Regular garbage bags hold your trash or yard waste in a plastic seal that won’t let the trash decompose, even if some of the products are naturally biodegradable. The trash never gets exposed to the environment in these bags.

A newer product on the market can solve this problem. The new biodegradable/compostable garbage bag is a way to move the messy and smelly trash from the kitchen or bathroom to the curb with less guilt.

Another advantage of the biodegradable bag is being able to rake leaves and store them without having to worry about them flying away.

This is the best advantage for the bag, compost itself can be smelly and a hassle but with these bags it’s possible to collect the compost and store it in the back, or feed it to the garbage can if the back yard isn’t an option.

Even by putting it into the garbage can, it’s still a way of aiding in the process of natural decomposition.

These bags don’t speed up the process of degrading but allow its contents to degrade, and also doing so without wasting a plastic bag.

Even though these bags are a great way to improve the overall health of the environment, creating a compost bin is still the most effective.

Rather than throwing out food items such as: banana peels, and apple cores; and plant parts such as: leaves and roots, put them in a compost pile. After the warmth and moisture get to it, the compost items will become healthy soil for plants.

An easy way to start that compost bin is to use these new compostable garbage bags to transfer the contents.

The biodegradable bags are hard to find in stores, but can be found on and other online stores, try looking for: BioBag, Bio Turf and Eco-smartbags.

By implementing the new garbage bag into daily life, and maybe starting a compost bin, you can make a change in the amount of littering and trash build up in the world.

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Thinking Green

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