Time to get your Spring on

Kristen Phillips


Spring is here and the anticipated sunny weather is approaching. But Washington is much like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get weather wise. So as the sweaters and boots are tucked away for a few months, it’s time to bring out open-toed shoes and sundresses.

Soft pastels and neutrals as well as bold and vivid shades adorn this spring’s color scheme. Minty greens are in this spring—as pants, tops or accessorized scarves. Coral, a color between orange and pink is another color that compliments the sunny weather.

Rolled up skinny jeans create a form of makeshift capris that go well paired with sandals, TOMS, flats or even wedges.

Wedges are the shoe trend this season. They don’t stress your feet as much as regular heels because your weight is distributed over a greater surface, but they still provide the extra height and trendiness. Wedges can be worn with shorts, capris, jeans a sundress—basically anything.

Colored pants are the new jeans. The soft, pastel colored pants and even the bold, highlighter shade pants are sure to make a statement.

Vests are best. Jean vests, knit vests and button vests provide an additional layer and accessory to complete an outfit. They’re like the cherry on top.

Satchels continue to stay in fashion. They are easily slung across a shoulder to give a finishing touch and complete a look. Satchels come in browns, grays, blacks or any other desired color.

Floral prints are always a spring style. Floral cardigans and tops are paired nicely with a solid color bottom. Stripes and polka dots are also back in the form of anything from sweaters to dresses that resemble ‘50s fashion. Tribal print pencil skirts or tops have also come into style this spring.

Natural, wavy and messy beach hair is both acceptable and practical. Give your locks a break from excessive heat as that will only damage your ends and result in hair breakage. Stray away from the extreme heat of hair dryers and straighteners as well as the repeated use of harsh chemicals and hair products.

As always, jewelry and accessories are favorably added to any outfit to give that finishing touch. Earrings, bangles, headbands, rings, belts, necklaces, big bags and purses are all great ways to spice up an outfit.

Whatever you wear this spring, wear it with confidence and poise. The world we live in will have you convinced of lies that tell you that you’re not enough. Magazines and social media will create an image you’re supposed to measure up to that doesn’t exist.

Be you. Though society may say you are not enough—not thin enough, tan enough, stylish enough, know that none of that’s true. You’re enough and you have individual, irreplaceable thoughts and styles to offer the world. Don’t be afraid to share them and stand out. Be the best version of you.


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Time to get your Spring on

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