Tips for campus parking safety

Drew May


The parking lot can sometimes be a dangerous place at Pierce College, but with some helpful tips, any trip should be a safe one.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving their valuables in plain view.

People might not think twice about leaving their iPod on their passenger seat, but it’s all a thief needs to break your window. Pierce’s parking lot does have lighting for night time but no security cameras. Also, if you are walking to your car from night classes, always remember to keep your keys ready and stay underneath the lights to avoid being caught off guard from anyone lurking in the shadows.

The Puyallup Police Department offers some helpful tips to avoid vehicle theft and break-ins, such as reminding citizens to always lock their car and to never hide a second set of keys in the car. They also remind everyone to park in well lit areas and park in lots near groups of other cars. Lastly, they suggest never leaving a car running while unattended and always remember to close all windows completely.

Sometimes students will get to their cars and realize they forgot to turn off their lights and then their cars have dead batteries. Or they might realize they locked their keys right inside the door.

This is an easy situation to get out of. The security office at Pierce has all of the materials to open car doors and to jump start dead batteries free of charge.

Be sure to always be careful, keep alert and know there’s help nearby when in the parking lots.

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Tips for campus parking safety

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