Tom Broxson assumes role as dean of natural sciences

Genevieve Huard


As spring quarter and the fiscal year draw to a close, faculty like Tom Broxson are preparing for Pierce College’s district reorganization.

Broxson, current division chair for business and social sciences at Pierce College Puyallup, will begin his new position as the dean of natural sciences starting July 1 with the district reorganization.

“I’m excited about it,” Broxson said. “I do have some apprehension about it because not all faculty are supportive of the new organization.”

Currently, there are seven divisions, all of which have a division chair, and next year, there will be five divisions, all of which will have a dean. These deans will take on bigger jobs, facilitating more faculty and students than ever before. At any given time, there will be at least two deans on each of the campuses.

Future deans like Broxson will spend two days at each campus every week, and one day rotating between the two campuses.

Although the new organization isn’t approved of by all faculty, Broxson said that the faculty that he will be working with and facilitating have given him good feedback.

Broxson is already working on getting grants for the natural sciences at Pierce College and is reaching out to other universities, colleges, high schools, junior high schools and businesses in the area to make sure that students are being prepared at Pierce.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity, hopefully I will make Pierce a better and stronger place,” Broxson said.

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Tom Broxson assumes role as dean of natural sciences

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