Trying to get fit? There’s an app for that

Marie Lahar


Getting fit is easier than expected with the help of technology.

Apps and websites are popping up left and right declaring theirselves the best for fitness. However, some websites and apps can be damaging to your computer or are just plain unhelpful. Here are some helpful sites guaranteed to help get you fit, slim and healthy. is a website based off the magazine Women’s Health. You can find healthy foods to eat, answers to embarrassing questions and workouts to do. However, the best tab the website offers is Fitness. Fitness gives the tips and tricks to healthy workouts. It defines what muscles need to be worked and gives specific moves to target each area. These moves are easy and for the most part can be done at home with no machinery. It even has videos to help with posture. is a brother website of Women’s Health; it is built around Men’s Health magazine. It works with Eat This Not That the book and describes what is the healthiest meals for you. It not only helps put together meal plans, but it also breaks down to a science what foods do what for your body. If you have memory loss, it suggests what foods will help with it. If you have problems with yellow teeth, the website can help choose foods that will fight that. Any problem you have, this website can help you conquer, by with guided help and meal ideas. It even tells you what is better to eat if you choose to eat out. is a website that helps you count calories, fat and sodium in your daily diet. You can personalize it to your height, weight and gender. It then calculates the calories you should consume along with how many vitamins and minerals. It is simple to use and very portable. It can be used as an iPhone app as well, later to be synced to your internet account. You can estimate how much you ate or drank, and it will give you an estimate to how many calories consumed, plus the vitamins and minerals consumed. It also has a database filled with all fast food or brand named foods. For example, if you ate about 3/4 cup of Lucky Charms with half a cup of milk, tap and track would estimate I consumed 110 calories (plus vitamins, sodium and fat intake) from Lucky Charms and 51 calories from my half cup of one percent milk. It also estimates how many calories you burn during an exercise depending on your height, weight and time interval. It then subtracts those calories from your daily intake. is a website almost identical to tap and track’s method of calorie counting and subtracting. The only difference is it can be used on Android phones instead of iPhones. It too has a database filled with workouts, food and calculates what you individually need.

No matter the technology, health is just a click or finger tap away. It’s already made easy and portable for you, it’s just a matter of using what’s been given to you. Good luck, and stay healthy.16-9-june-2011_page_15

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Trying to get fit? There’s an app for that

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