Tutu tour treks to Tacoma

Genevieve Huard


“This will be an evening that you will look back on for the rest of your life,” Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire said to 15,000 people eagerly awaiting Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the Tacoma Dome on May 13.

The posters have decorated schools and coffee shops for months, and almost everyone knows his name: Nobel prize winner, Tutu is a living piece of history.

In his 79 years of life, he has seen how the everyday person can change the world. Tutu saw this first-hand when his shared fight against apartheid in South Africa was won.

People from all walks of life were in attendance to Tutu’s speech. His sold-out speech in Tacoma was one of his last official speeches in the United States.

Gregoire was one of the speakers and audience members. She declared in her speech May 13 to be official “Be the Spark Day” to change the world.

“Together we can and will change the world,” said Governor Gregoire.

After performances from various artists like Quest Crew, Ben Union, the Chief Leschi drum and dance group, and speeches from many influential people like Craig Kielburger (founder of Free the Children), Desmond Tutu finally spoke to the crowd.

The audience laughed with him as he presented funny stories and self-mockery about his age. Then he humorously reenacted several scenes from the Bible using funny voices and giving the well-known Biblical characters some attitude.

One of these reenactments was the story of Moses, which Tutu used to convey the message that God needs partners on earth to fulfill his “to do list.”

“God has always needed a human partner to accomplish his purposes,” Tutu said. “When there are oppressors…incredible God waited, people died…God waited…waited for human partners…and through that cooperation, humans and their God, in February 1990, Nelson Mandela could walk free from that prison, and in 1994 we [black South Africans] voted for the first time.”

The crowd went wild throughout Tutu’s speech, especially as he helped people see the truths he can’t ignore, and encouraged everyone to help make a difference too.


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Tutu tour treks to Tacoma

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