Uncoiling a cable fable

Jacob Bush


Pierce College Puyallup is equipped with 24 flat screen TVs. Of these, eight can broadcast cable and the other 15 alternate between Student Programs advertisements and the open Student Lab Assistant position. The request to install cable on campus came from Student Programs, and currently draws a $2,500 bill according to the Student and Activities budget report.

“The $2,500 is to pay the monthly fee of having cable. Since we have run into some issues getting Direct TV installed we will spend significantly less this year. This amount was to be approved for and not to exceed amount for Direct TV,” Secretary Senior for Student Support Deanna Frey said.

Last year the Connection Café was equipped with cable when Pierce’s cable provider was Comcast. Due to problems with the cable lines and the switch to digital broadcasting, progress in connecting the campus’ cable was hindered and Comcast was dropped as the provider.

Pierce College is currently provided cable via Direct TV. Part of the cable bill is attributed to Direct TV installation fees and the necessity to purchase digital boxes so that the TV’s can broadcast digital cable.

“We are working with our telecom department to get Direct TV installed on the Puyallup campus. Previously we were with Comcast and since the move to digital signal we lost our cable connection.” Frey said. “Currently the HEC has just been hooked up with cable and the College Center is being worked on next. We are hoping it will not be too much longer before the install is finished.”

As of now the eight TV’s that broadcast cable are in the HEC. Puyallup HEC manager, Brian Kovacevich believes that cable is important as an option, so that students can at least have the capability to use it to supplement education.

The TVs are controlled by three digital boxes, which means that only three channels can air at a time on all TVs. Typically they will be running CNN, ESPN or basic channel programming. There are sometimes student complaints and suggestions regarding what the TV’s are broadcasting.

“Half and half, if we never had TV’s we’d never have complaints. But the TV’s really contribute to the atmosphere of the fitness center, you’ll see places like the YMCA or Callaway,” Kovacevich said.

Cable at Pierce College is for now restricted to the HEC but upon request with funding cable can be installed on any other TV on campus, according to Rob Gaul of the IT department.

“Our office is planning on being able to show the presidential election and other major events as they come up,” Frey said.

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Uncoiling a cable fable

by Jacob Bush time to read: 2 min