Vanneson discusses modern Europe crisis


Jacob Bush


History instructor Christopher Vanneson lectured about the current economic and political picture in Europe on Feb. 7 in a campus-wide event.

He spoke on the unpredictable topic of the future and present debt of the European Union. Vanneson highlighted the causes of the current economic crisis as products of the forces of globally sensitive economic networks, job exportation, generous welfare policies of the union nations and a combination of citizen and governmental debt.

Many of the problems Europe currently is facing mirror the same problems the United States faced at the height of the recession.

Some of the most troubling factors facing Europe are high-risk loaning and a lack of transparency within bank institutions. This is especially difficult since international policies are supposed to be uniform within the union nations.

Vanneson predicts that the union will survive. However, if it does collapse, U.S. citizens will certainly not benefit from its disintegration considering the close economic ties the United States has with Europe.

Vanneson’s lecture is the first of three other lectures to be presented by Pierce College instructors. Floyd Churchill will present “China: the dragon rising” at noon Feb. 21 in the multi-purpose room. John Lucas will speak on the topic of renascent Africa at noon March 5 in the multi-purpose room.

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Vanneson discusses modern Europe crisis

by Jacob Bush time to read: 1 min