Walkway un-installed with plans to re-do it

Sara Konu


Efforts to pave the student-made dirt pathway outside of the library/science building have temporarily been waylaid.

The college’s grounds crew attempted earlier in the school year to pave the small dirt section between two already paved pathways. The end result didn’t meet federal requirements and the concrete was dug up, leaving the path a dirt trail once again.

“We believed that hand rails would be necessary to be code compliant and, in any case, would be a necessary safety feature,” Jim Taylor, director of facilities, said. “The height of each of the steps would have to be changed to meet code. We felt it would also be necessary to use some different materials. Overall, we needed to come back at this in another way to ensure any structure we installed would be acceptable for use.”

Since this is not a vital pathway, say college officials, there are no immediate plans to finish the project and no specific date is set to start it.

However, officials do intend to have the section paved and made into a proper pathway due to the large amount of student traffic.

“When we undertook an effort to improve the pathway it was simply based on the observation that a number of people were walking through this area and we wanted to improve it as a pedestrian walkway,” Taylor said. “We know this location continues to be used as a shortcut and would prefer that, if it is to continue to be used in this way, we have a more suitable pathway constructed.”

The second time around, Taylor intends to hire contractors to construct the pathway rather than attempt to cut costs by having the ground crew attempt the assignment again.


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Walkway un-installed with plans to re-do it

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min