What to do and not to do in the parking lots

Sara Konu


There’s a battle ground on campus. A place where tempers run high, risks are taken and people’s luck runs out. I like to refer to this place as the parking lot.

The act of parking seems to draw out the worst in students and some of the outrageous things that go on in the Pierce College Puyallup parking lot leave passerby in shock.

Avoid being “that driver” and follow these simple dos and don’ts of the parking lot:



-Drive the speed limit: Speeding through the parking lot doesn’t improve the odds of finding a parking spot and it’s in fact a good way to crash into another car or innocent pedestrian. The speed limit is 10 mph.

-Come to school early: If you give yourself plenty of time to get to school, you’ll be less worried about finding a parking spot and getting to class on time. By eliminating the potential for stress, you’re also eliminating the potential for dangerous risk-taking.

-Know how to park a car: For those Pierce students who haven’t learned this yet, there’s this thing called lines and they make up a thing called a parking spot. The general parking lot rule is that you park between these lines, preferably in the middle. It’s okay if you have to re-do a parking job, just as long as you get it right. It’s inconsiderate to the people around you when you leave your car parked crooked or over the line.

-Watch out for pedestrians: There are pedestrians in the parking lots at all hours of the day, not just when classes get out, so don’t let the time of day lull you into a false sense of security. It’s important to pay attention to the crosswalks and corners on-campus because one inobservant moment could mean blood splatter on your fender and a 911 call. And that’s a day ruiner.




-Stalk people: Many cars vie for the prime parking spots located in A-lot, and some drivers circle the full parking lot like vultures waiting for their prey. Student’s making their way from class to their cars are often followed by these drivers who want the parking spots of the students who are about to leave. But what these drivers don’t realize is the act of following someone through a parking lot at a near crawl in your vehicle is just creepy. It’s actually vaguely reminiscent of scenes from movies about kidnappings.

-Stop your car in a non-designated area to talk to someone: If you see someone you know, wave and keep driving or pull into a designated parking area if you want to stop and chat. Otherwise, keep your car in motion because a car stopped in a parking lot aisle is a road block to other vehicles.

-Don’t back into your parking spot if you don’t know how to: Backing into a parking spot is a skill, and if you don’t have that skill, please don’t practice in a full Pierce College parking lot. Doing that serves only to increase your chances of taking out someone’s side mirror or frightening the people witnessing your swervy, uncoordinated back in.

-Hit and run: Whether you’re backing into a parking spot, backing out or just pulling into a parking spot at high speeds, the risk of hitting a vehicle is a real one. In the event that your car makes contact with another person’s, don’t drive away. Even if it’s a gentle tap it’s still a hit. If you hit someone’s car, do the responsible thing and leave your information on their windshield and contact campus security.


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What to do and not to do in the parking lots

by Sara Konu time to read: 3 min