What web browser should you use?

Drew May


Most people who have Windows use Internet Explorer and most Mac owners use Safari. It’s simply the default and most people don’t know there might be better alternatives out there.

Most people don’t even know that different web browsers can work for different needs. All of the following web browsers listed are free and can be downloaded from any default web browser.

One such web browser would be Mozilla Firefox. Firefox prides itself on its add-ons. It has more than 6000 add-ons available that can help customize the browsing experience. It has everything from Ad-Blockers to flags that will show where a website is from. Firefox is an ideal browser if extra gizmos and gadgets seem like a must have. More info about Firefox can be found at www.mozilla.com

Another alternative is Google Chrome. Google Chrome is all about speed and simplicity. It has few features but loads up much faster than most web browsers out there. It has a simple interface that prides itself on being clean and sleek. If speed is a necessity, Google Chrome might be the browser of choice. Download Google Chrome at www.google.com/chrome.

Opera is another web browser out there with some unique features. It calls itself the fastest web browser on the planet and claims to have more than140 million users. It has many add-ons to customize the web experience and also uses custom mouse gestures to help simplify the web experience. If Opera sounds appealing, download it at www.opera.com

Be sure to check occasionally to see if there’s an update available for your browser. But don’t be afraid to try new browsers; they might just make the internet a much easier place to navigate and get to.

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What web browser should you use?

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