What’s the point of college?

What’s the point of college? Nearly every day we are caught in an endless fury of homework and classes. Then after that we end up working jobs all night long just to survive. And what for, a piece of paper that is supposed to be our golden ticket into the world? Well sorry folks that ticket isn’t so golden after all.

For the most part once you finish college you’ll have ended up accumulating thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. People don’t sacrifice all of that for knowledge, for the most part it’s so they can go past college into the “real world”. We have this dream stuck in our heads about a future filled with wealth and it’s all because of college. We’re so engrossed in these thoughts that we can’t see the nightmare of a world we really live in. You may end up with a PhD but you’ll also most likely end up with graveyard shifts at a gas station. Businesses for the most part simply aren’t interested in giving jobs to less experienced kids straight out of college when they can hire someone more experienced even if they never went to college.

So what is it for? We spend thousands of dollars to get this document that won’t even get us anything better than a job at McDonalds or Burger King. We are the ones staying up night after night just to get a good grade so we can transfer from a community college to a four year university. College is no longer about the prestige. It is a necessity. You HAVE to go to college to get a good job and you HAVE to go to college to get a degree. But you spend so much money on college that you end up so far in debt while working minimum wage that it’s you end up stick in a corner.

The government is constantly cutting funding for college but everyone has to pay for college. But they can’t, it’s too expensive. People are stuck paying for something they can’t afford by getting financial aid which will never come and student loans which will haunt them for the rest of their lives. And when all is said and done they can’t afford the debt collectors from their student loan and so they end up having their life ruined because they tried to go to college, they tried to get a degree, but too late did they all realize… there was no point to college all along.

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What’s the point of college?

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