What’s up with campus parking tickets?



Katie Ardmore


Many Pierce College students notice the frequency of parking tickets in every parking area but the hybrid/low emission parking spots and wonder “Why?”

What’s up is that there is a seven-page list on the EPA’s website of acceptable hybrid or low emission cars. These cars range from small vehicles like the Prius to larger vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado K15 4WD or the Cadillac Escalade 2WD.

It would seem like a huge truck in a hybrid spot would be obvious, but the EPA’s list of low emission cars includes many trucks and SUVs.

Puyallup campus Safety Supervisor Maureen Rickertsen says it is hard for security personnel to keep track. With these large vehicles being accepted as hybrid or low emission cars, it is harder for security to tell if cars parked in these spots really are low emission vehicles.

This means fewer tickets are being issued to cars wrongfully parked in hybrid spots.

Security officers are not as focused on this issue though. Officers are more worried about people who wrongfully park in handicapped or carpool parking.

The carpool parking spots in the A lot have signs that say “pass required” on them, but the carpool spots in the B lot only say “carpool parking.” This confuses students, and some think they can park in the lower carpool parking without a pass.

Rickertsen says security is going easy on cars parked in the lower lot until they get new signs.

Students also could get confused about the difference between “handicapped” parking and “special needs” parking.

The “handicapped” parking spots are for people with state-issued disability passes. But “special needs” parking is for students with temporary disabilities like a broken leg. They can get “special needs” parking passes through Access and Disabilities Services.

Students needn’t worry as much about parking in hybrid spots as they do parking in carpool and handicapped spots.

Students parked in carpool spots without at least one other passenger and the proper pass will be issued a ticket and have to pay a $25 fine.

People parked in handicapped or special needs parking without passes will receive a $15 fine the first time, a $25 fine the second time along with a mandatory appearance before College Parking Appeals committee.

Students parked in handicapped spots also could have their cars impounded.



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What’s up with campus parking tickets?

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