When the chips are down

Jacob Bush


While students were on spring break, a district committee representing the Pierce College Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom campuses did a bit of spring cleaning by replacing the soda and snack vendors.

The result of this contract introduced a fleet of new vending machines across both campuses. Some features of the new contract include that the number, locations and prices of the machines remain nearly the same and the machines take $1, $5 bills and change.

“Chip prices are not currently correct but will be fixed shortly,” Purchasing Procurement Officer Curtis Lee said. “All machines will have card readers installed.”

Contracts with vending companies are multi-year contracts and a committee was instituted to oversee the proceedings of a new contract proposal.

“There was a district committee formed, with a student from each campus, along with other representatives from a variety of stakeholder groups throughout the campuses, who worked to make a recommendation on the new vending companies to the Vice President for Administrative Services,” Associated Students of Pierce College Puyallup President Lauren Adler said.

The vending machines are technically owned by the vending company and pay the college a percentage of their gross sales, only the consumer is charged for the vending purchase and no fees are added by the vendor.

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When the chips are down

by Jacob Bush time to read: 1 min