Which is better- fantasy or sci fi?



Drew May


Let me tell you a story of emperors and great warriors fighting for freedom and prosperity. Or perhaps a tale filled with redemption where the bonds of fellow ship are tested but never broken. These are the tales of both Star Wars and Star Trek, and there’s one thing they have in common: space. Space represents everything mysterious in the worlds beyond our own. You never know what might turn up just around the bend of the next planet. Space has given us universes filled with new cultures and new adventures every episode, book, game and film. What would the world of entertainment be without Firefly or Star Trek: The Next Generation? I’m done watching another peasant become king and slay a dragon. That tale has been told far too many times. I’m ready to explore space, the final frontier. I’m ready to see giant space battles and terrifying monsters bring heroes near death only for the heroes to rise up and begin another journey in a new world never seen before.

Would you rather have a regular sword or a light saber? A crossbow or a laser pistol? These are the questions we must ask ourselves when we speak about the battle between space and fantasy. Sure they have dragons, but we have robot dragons. They might have magic but we have the force. Merlin? Why don’t you try Yoda or Captain Malcolm Reynolds for size? I’d rather follow a ragtag group around the fringes of space than a warrior visiting village after village after village.

Fantasy has been done before, space is the future. With people like Jayne, Wesley Crusher and James Raynor, I’ll gladly choose space over fantasy any day.



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Which is better- fantasy or sci fi?

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