Which is better- Fantasy or sci fi?



Marie Lahar


Fantasy is a rare unique world, it has dragons, magic and wizards. Anything that space can do, fantasy can do and has done better.

Fantasy is the foundation for most role-playing games nowadays. It’s also the foundation for most games and movies in general.

Fantasy is known for its classic games such as Might and Magic, Warcraft and Neverwinter Nights. There’s also Everquest, Bolder’s Gate and the original Final Fantasy.

It’s known for new games that might become the classics. Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, which recently found it’s popularity and Rift.

Not only are fantasy video games fantastic, but all games, even space, have originated from fantasy board and card games. Three words: Dungeons and Dragons. Another for you: Magic the Gathering.

These fantasy games are the foundation of almost all space creations. Future Final Fantasy games never would have been if the original hadn’t been created. Star Craft and space MMOs never would have been around if Dungeons and Dragons weren’t created.

There are also movies and entire worlds based off of fantasy. Harry Potter, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Disney classics such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The shining star of fantasy movies: Lord of the Rings, which is not only great in movie form, but the world continues in the books, with entire languages and races created.

New space movies such as Avatar never would have been created if someone didn’t think of dragons and different worlds. Aliens and robots are just copies of dragons and goblins, but dragon and goblins are the originals. Space is based off of different worlds, but what created them? Fantasy.

Fantasy brought the freedom of imaginative worlds to space. The idea of aliens and robots stemmed from dragons and magic.

Fantasy created and mastered magic, dragons and the ability to control elements. Everything fantasy created, space copied and tried to replicate. But the original is always better.



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Which is better- Fantasy or sci fi?

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