While the students are away

Sara Konu


When the last final is turned in and the last class of the quarter has been dismissed, Pierce’s activity level plummets.

­Students disappear and then reappear weeks later, but in the meantime, Pierce’s custodial staff polishes our campus to perfection and prepares it for the onslaught of another quarter.

Robert Britten, interim district custodial services manager, reports that the custodial staff uses the breaks to deep clean the campus which consists of detail work in class rooms, rest rooms and open spaces.

Over this last winter break custodians also waxed the floors, replaced older metal trash cans with newer and less obtrusive trash cans and placed recycling containers in every office and conference room.

“We have a very comprehensible recycling program (which) we must continue to partner with staff, faculty and the student body in order to be successful,” Britten said. “We ask that everyone become aware of where recycling containers are and use the appropriate containers for things that are to be discarded. This partnership is critical to our program being a success.”

Students may not notice the subtle changes that our custodians make to our campus, but they certainly reap the benefits of well cared for facilities. Do the important part and make their jobs less difficult by giving the campus the respect it’s due.

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While the students are away

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min