Why can’t idiots come with warning labels?

What was once a crowded shed, is now just the three recreational pot smokers, and me. As exceptionally sweet as it is of them to offer me some of their marijuana, I refuse to take a hit from their pipe.

Katie Lane


I’m standing in the already crowded smoke shack at Pierce College Puyallup, attempting to keep myself in a position where the rain isn’t running down my back due to the disrepair of the chintzy smoking shack’s walls. I know that the other people are there because like me, they share the delight of ruining their lungs with cigarettes. However, I’m not so rude as to think that they want to inhale my second hand smoke, so I’m trying to give them some room.

Three more students enter the smoke shack, I’m almost done with my cigarette so I step to the outermost edge of the shack and they slink to the back. I was unfortunately blessed with the nose of a hound dog, so I smell the alternative form of smoking these students are doing. What was once a crowded shed, is now just the three recreational pot smokers, and me. As exceptionally sweet as it is of them to offer me some of their marijuana, I refuse to take a hit from their pipe.

I’m the eternal optimist, so I’m going to assume that these people are doing one of a few things. Maybe they’re medically licensed and ignorant of the laws that state that you can’t smoke marijuana in public regardless of your legal stance. Or, maybe they’re so excessively rich that they can afford to bail themselves out of jail after they receive a possession charge. They could have a job that doesn’t require their attendance or intellect and are only at community college to waste their copious amounts of time spent not working. Finally, they could possibly still be living with their mothers, are going to college because it’s just an extension of high school, and they don’t have cars, houses, tents, cardboard boxes, or some other form of shelter to smoke in.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I don’t think they’re in any of these situations. However, I’m quite certain that what they are is rude. I have no desire to partake in their extracurricular actives and would really appreciate it if they didn’t force me to have a part in it by smoking in the shack that is designated for cigarettes.

What’s the difference, you might ask? Well, for one, smoking tobacco is legal. Yes it’s a terror on my lungs, but I don’t get lazy after it or run the risk of going to jail for it. I also do it in a designated smoking area, and if one isn’t available then I’ll smoke by myself as to not make the people around me inhale my cigarette, too.

I’m just saying, if you want to get high and waste your life, brain cells and reputation, then feel free. But don’t make me have to smell it, witness it, or run the risk of going to jail with you on behalf of your illegal activities. If you choose to spend your money, your mom’s money or whoever’s money it is on marijuana, then please smoke it somewhere else so that it doesn’t bother the rest of us that are trying to make our way up the ladder in life. It’s an uphill battle as it is.

Also, why would you walk up to a complete stranger and ask them if they smoke pot or if they have a pipe you can use? Oh, you have your green card? You’re physically incapable of functioning without the use of marijuana as a pain reliever? That must be a miracle drug because you look healthy as a horse.

I find it very interesting that all the people I’ve met who have a green card are young and suffering from back pain. I’ve yet to meet a single person who uses marijuana as a medicine for something that I would constitute as necessary.

It shouldn’t be a status symbol to have a green card. And if you’re smoking pot illegally in a very public place, then someone should warn you that it’s not cool to be so blatantly stupid. I don’t think they award medical marijuana to you because you’re an idiot.

This is a college. I would expect to be around people who are more goal-oriented and intelligent than the people I went to high school with. I’m tired of being imposed upon by people who can’t respect rules.

Put that in your pipe and don’t smoke it around me.


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Why can’t idiots come with warning labels?

by Katie Lane time to read: 3 min