Wikileaks: story so far

Drew May


Wikileaks is a controversial news source that releases secret documents in order to expose inner workings of some of the biggest governments in the world.

Countries have condemned the news source and citizens have overthrown governments because of it.

Without opinion, here are some bits of information Wikileaks has given by releasing their cables.

Wikileaks revealed how Secretary of Defense Hillary Clinton ordered diplomats from the United States to spy on members of the United Nations. She asked them even go as far as to try and obtain DNA samples.

However, Wikileaks also has published private information that could potentially be dangerous to citizens of various countries.

Wikileaks revealed how more than 15,000 people were killed in Iraq who were not previously reported and how the U.S. State Department threatened the German government to avoid looking into a case in which a German citizen was abducted by the United States even though the citizen turned out to be innocent.

What has been revealed is how the U.S. ambassador to Honduras ruled that the removal of the president of Honduras was illegal, yet State Department officials refused to acknowledge that ruling.

The British government also promised to hide an embarrassment for the Bush Administration when it investigated the Iraq war. The British government also allowed the United States to hide ammunition on its soil even though this is deemed illegal in the country.

Tunisian citizens received cables from Wikileaks that revealed the corruption in their government, which helped lead them toward a revolution in their country that resulted with President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fleeing the country.

Regardless of the opinions and controversy surrounding Wikileaks, these cables are substantial and crucial to understanding what is going on in the world.

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Wikileaks: story so far

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