Williams is a focused father

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Antjuan Williams, 25, enrolled at Pierce College last summer. Williams and his wife Porsche, who also attends school and is transferring to the University of Washington Tacoma, have two children, Arriell, 3, and Gabriel, 5.

On top of that, he’s a musician for St. John’s Church and a music producer for his own company, Antjuan Soron Productions. But right now, William’s main focus is on his kids rather than his music.

But, being a parent is the most important thing to Williams and no matter how busy he is, he always makes time for his family.

“The hardest part is making the balance…sometimes you just have to force time,” Williams said.

Williams grew up in the Bay Area and lived in Texas and describes his own childhood as “rough.” Growing up, he never realized that he had the option to go to school or even how to get into college classes.

Williams wants to make sure that his kids have the options and parenting that he didn’t; that’s why he’s going to Pierce.

“I want my kids set where they have their college paid for…do whatever they want to do,” Williams said.

The Williams family created a lounge with black lights for a friendly environment for their kids because Antjuan Williams remembers not enjoying deep dinner table conversations, so he took a different approach to communicating with his children.

“As I’m cooking/washing dishes, they [my kids] come up to the bar area and talk to us about any and everything,” Williams said.

Arriell sometimes goes to school with Williams. She has a budding show business career after she was in a commercial for St, John’s church and was scouted by a talent agent when she was dancing to a street drummer in downtown Seattle.

“It’s scary to release a child into the work on T.V.,” Williams said. “I want her to remain a kid and enjoy her childhood.”

Williams also produces and records Arriell’s singing. In October, she will have her on screen interviews for Disney and Nickolodian.

“I’m going to grow up and I’m going to sign because it’s fun,” Arriell said.

Gabriel is more low-key than his sister, but supports her and helps her get dressed for ballet recitals. He’ll tell Arriell to be careful when she’s playing because she can’t mess up her face. The Williams awarded Gabriel a World’s Greatest Brother award.

Williams said he wished he was as good of a brother as his son. He has one sister on his mom’s side and is one of 40 children on his dad’s.

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Williams is a focused father

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