Women’s basketball coach starts second season

Katie Ardmore


In his second season coaching Pierce College women’s basketball team, Brian Purugganan challenges and motivates his team.

The players had a rough pre-season and started their season out with quite a few losses, but Purugganan hasn’t lost hope.

“You can learn more from losing than from winning,” he said.

And he should know what’s good for a team after coaching 19 years of varsity basketball and playing basketball from a young age.

Purugganan didn’t start out just playing basketball, though. He played one year of semi-professional football in Hawaii as well as other high school sports.

“I’ve played all the sports,” he said, “but I put all my energy into basketball.”

He played high school basketball in California and Alaska, and he played college ball for Hawaii Pacific College. Purugganan said he got his coaching inspiration from his basketball coaches.

“I’ve always loved the game, and I respected the coaches I played for,” Purugganan said.

Purugganan’s main inspiration was his high school coach in Ninilchik, Alaska. He said his coach there was committed to the students as well as the game. He helped Purugganan decide to be the kind of coach who cares about more than winning; the kind of coach who cares about his players.

Purugganan started his basketball coaching career at Christian Faith School. He then continued on to work at Foss High School and Clover Park Technical College.

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Women’s basketball coach starts second season

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