Worst headlines

Amber Gilliland
Special Assignments Reporter

  1. This article on politico.com was about President Obama reading to children during an event on The White House grounds. The White House has its own bee hive and kids were very unsettled by the buzzing bees during their story time.
  2. Originally found on animalnewyork.com, this article described possibly one of the funniest promotion mishaps ever. In hopes of promoting a local bar, a man in a taco costume rode around on his skateboard wielding a sign for their $1 tacos. As the taco man sped down a pedestrian ramp, he wasn’t able to stop in time and went into traffic and crashed into the side of an oncoming car. The taco was reportedly fine. The video of the accident can be found on the article’s website.
  3. This article from Buzzfeed.com was a link to a YouTube posted by Friskies. Apparently we can learn a lot from our feline friends.
  4. Someone at tbo.com didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to make a good pun. After a recent semi-truck tipped over near Seattle, the freeway was covered with millions of bees. The semi was carrying over 400 bee hives to deliver to the other side of Washington where they would be used for pollination.
  5. com posted this story about a local fair where vendors kept trying to outdo each other, coming up with create bacon inspired dishes.
  6. We would love to know the story behind this story from CNN.com. There was no story in the article, just the letters fsdafsdasf. What’s even more surprising is the website still hasn’t taken it down!
  7. Found on nbcnews.com, this story described a dog in Scotland who jumped onto his owner’s tractor when he wasn’t looking. The brake wasn’t set and the tractor rolled down a hill, through a fence and onto the street. The dog was reportedly unharmed.
  8. Found on nbcnews.com, a shirtless Seattle man got stuck in a basketball hoop and police say the man was sent for a mental evaluation.
  9. A lunch mishap caused the Iowa Capital building to be briefly evacuated. Someone burnt their lunch in the microwave and the building was evacuated due to smoke. No damages were reported. Found on yahoo.com
  10. After an argument, a Pittsburgh man struck another man with his car and sped off. The man was still on top of the car as the man sped through multiple towns. The car was stopped after 8 miles. Found on nbcnews.com

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Worst headlines

by Amber Gilliland time to read: 2 min