Would this help you commute?

Marie Lahar


Over-populated parking lots aren’t only found at Pierce College. Several colleges and universities in the state have the same problem.

The crowded parking lot isn’t the only problem. Commuting can be a hassle also.

Pierce students live in a variety of placers. Walking can be out of the question for several students. It’s the same with biking.

Buses are an excellent way of saving money on gas. The downside; the pass itself costs $72 a month.

However, other college officials have implemented solutions to this.

The University of Washington has the U-pass where students pay $99 a quarter or $33 a month in order to use the metro busses and the Sounder train. The pass allows for discounts to many other services.

Seattle Central Community College has a similar card called the GoPass, which has the same bus and Sounder pass benefits for $110 a quarter.

But would it be possible for Pierce College to have a similar benefit?

“It would be subsidized by student fees, and if Student Programs and student government were to initiate it,” Pierce College Puyallup President Patrick Schmitt said.

A bus pass for Pierce students wouldn’t happen unless students worked with Student Programs and student government to approve student fund usage.

If students were to receive a similar card, the over-parked and populated parking lot might not be such a headache.

For a lower cost to get to school, would you commute?

“I think it would be good coming from the students. If it were to come about, it would be the students to initiate it,” Schmitt said.



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Would this help you commute?

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