Wrapping up with DIY and inexpensive holiday gifts



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The holidays can quickly become expensive when trying to find gifts for friends and family, but there are many items that can be made or bought inexpensively that make great gifts.


1. Baked goods: When the holiday season comes around, most people look forward to home-cooked meals and family bonding. With this idea in mind, there’s no better gift than making someone a delicious dessert. Whether it be simple chocolate chip cookies or a cheesecake, it’ll be appreciated.

2. Make something cozy: With the weather being cold around the holiday season, many wear scarves, hats and mittens to keep out the chill. Therefore, crocheting, knitting or sewing something to keep a friend warm during the winter is a fantastic idea. The only cost would be the material, which can be found at stores like JoAnn for a reasonable price, and the time it takes to create the cozy present.

3. Photos: In today’s world, many want to remember every moment through pictures, so there’s no better gift than giving a person a framed picture of favorite memories together. Even better would a collage of photos that shows the history of the relationship. The only cost would be the frame and printing of pictures.

4. A blanket: There’s nothing better than being able to cozy up with a blanket on a lazy day, therefore, giving one is certainly an excellent idea. Yet, the idea of making a personalized tied fringe or no-sew blanket makes the gift more personal. Stores like JoAnn or Michaels have inexpensive fabrics that individuals can mix and match to make the perfect designs for the receiver. Also, there are kits available for $10-20 that’ll give instructions on how to make the blanket, and include precut fabric.

5. Personalize a mug: A simple gift gesture for anyone who loves warm drinks is to create a cup made just for them. This can be done by simply drawing or writing on a white glass mug with black sharpie, and then baking it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. By creating a mug, and then filling it with candy, or the person’s drink of choice, a nice gift can be created.

6. Board games: Generally, board games are inexpensive, and can be a wonderful gift for a friend. They give a reason to get everyone together again soon after the holidays.

7. Candles: Christmas sales allow non-necessity items such as candles to become affordable, and even desired. Places like Bath and Body Works offers splendid deals such as two candles for $22 during the holidays. Giving a candle that fits the season, or even just a person’s favorite scent, is a great gesture.

8. An ornament: Decorations on a Christmas tree can tell a family’s history. When an ornament is given, a fond tradition can be started, and continued year after year. A smart way to pick the decoration of choice is by choosing one that represents one marvelous memory or event from the past year.

9. Phone cases: Technology rules today’s society, but it still remains rather fragile. A simple gift to solve this problem is a phone case. If bought online, these can be affordable, and the options are endless. Cases can range from those for protection, to cute designs or even personalized ones with a picture of choice.

10. CDs: While it may be an older concept making someone a mix CD of new music, or even his or her favorite music, it’s a super great gift. It can help expand his or her horizons, or even just allow him or her to have the tunes they didn’t have the money to buy.


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Wrapping up with DIY and inexpensive holiday gifts

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