Yeomans composes music, plays by ear

Flautist and pianist Erika Yeomans is another one of Pierce’s fine musicians to regularly visit the practice rooms.

After 13 years of experience with the piano and six years of experience with the flute, Yeomans is a member of the Pierce College orchestra, in which she plays both instruments.

Though she has more experience with the piano, Yeomans says she mutually enjoys both instruments.

“People always ask me which instrument I prefer, but I like both the same,” Yeomans says.

With her musical ambitions, she hopes to earn a degree in music, starting with the music theory classes she is currently taking at Pierce.

Since the sixth grade, Yeomans has composed more than 150 of her own songs, primarily playing by ear. Her forte is classical music, specifically Chopin and Bach.

Yeomans explained that she plays how she feels at the time.

“I use music and my heart to sit down and compose whatever comes out,” Yeomans says.

Yeomans greatest source of inspiration is rooted in her competitive nature.

“I always look up to people that are better than me,” Yeomans says.

She continues to take lessons for both instruments, in addition to her two to four hours of a daily practice schedule.

Yeomans explained that when she was younger, she would always get burnt out when practicing, and was only able to practice for 30 minutes at a time. Since then, she has become more competitive and has developed the desire to improve her skills at a rapid pace.

In addition to her musical passions, Yeomans perfects her zeal for writing as a member of Ink and Ingenuity. She also enjoys drama, knitting and drawing.

For her, performance is a driving factor in her motivation. She strives to be good enough to be a professional.

In the future, she hopes to get her music license to give private lessons and ultimately be in a professional orchestra.

“I don’t care where, as long as I’m happy,” Yeomans says.

After one more year at Pierce, she hopes to transfer to either PLU or SPU to further her musical education.

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Yeomans composes music, plays by ear

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