You’re not a cheater, your girlfriend is just over-controlling

Tessa LaVergne

Managing Editor

I don’t think anything is considered cheating unless physical contact is involved.

Sexting. Doing dirty things over a webcam. Hooking up in online games. That’s not cheating.

Cheating is when two people who are in other relationships have physical contact with one another-anywhere from a kiss to sexual intercourse. This, and only this, is cheating.

Think about it. Guys can look at porn. Many people don’t consider this to be cheating, inappropriate maybe, but never cheating. So what’s the difference between looking at porn and receiving a nude picture message?

The only difference between those two things is that you know the person who is sending the picture, and you don’t know the porn star. Now I’m not saying that sending dirty pictures to someone in a relationship is the right thing to do, but it’s not cheating.

Webcams are even more ridiculous of an accusation for cheating. You can’t keep the video of someone on a webcam…well maybe you can, but I don’t know many people that would go through that sort of trouble.

A webcam is, however, a little more risqué than picture messaging. This way you can act sexual without actually becoming physical. Nonetheless, your significant other is still keeping his or her hands close to home, so be happy.

As far as online gaming is concerned, I strongly disagree that cheating can occur while playing. Yes, you can make avatars and do role-playing on a few games, but even so, they are just characters.

These characters can have sex, but it’s not like the person behind the character is physically being touched. Maybe they’re being turned on, but that’s the extent of it.

When we were children, we would make up fake weddings, but nobody thought we were cheating on our parents. It’s the same with gaming. It’s just a game for adults.

You’re not being cheated on if the heating isn’t getting on. Keep it at a glance, and keep it in your pants.


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You’re not a cheater, your girlfriend is just over-controlling

by Tessa LaVergne time to read: 1 min